The Living Miracles Monastery serves as a devotional residence for Mystics and Living Miracles Ministers. It opens its doors for silent retreats and other events from spring to fall. For the wider community to visit and experience our Living Church, which is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center offers Sunday Services. You are most welcome to come and join us! Click here for details.

Living Miracles Monastery, Church, and Congregation

Living Church Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit organization and a worldwide ministry in support of Christ's teachings. Living Miracles is the name under which the ministry, events, Monastery, and media and book publishing/distribution groups operate. The organization provides hundreds of free online resources for people around the world, as well as a Mystical Mind Training Program (MMT) for those who desire an in-depth, interactive path of study based upon the mystical teachings of Jesus Christ, outlined in A Course in Miracles  (ACIM). Living Church Ministries, Inc. also has a comprehensive Ministerial Program for those who feel the calling. The ministry funds teaching missions and has international ministers of Living Miracles in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Read more about us by visiting our main Living Miracles America website.

What we believe and our Purpose:

We believe that God is Love, and His Will is all there is. Living Miracles implies "the life of the Spirit," which describes our purpose, the inspiration and the devotion that our ministry is based upon. God is working through us, and fills our hearts with His Joy and our minds with His Peace. We remember how to love. He is our Source and our Inspiration. We welcome you to join with us in practicing Innocence, Forgiveness, Non-Judgment, Peace, Open-Mindedness, Kindness, True Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Miracles, Devotion, Trust, and Defenselessness.

Board members of Living Church Ministries, Inc.:
David Hoffmeister, President & Senior Pastor
​Kirsten Buxton, Executive Pastor
Svava Eliassen, Treasurer
Jutta Duncan, Secretary
Jason Warwick, Trustee
Diana Markin, Trustee

Read about our Ministers here>>>

A Message from David Hoffmeister of the Living Miracles Community:

Beloved One,

Listening to your Heart—you will understand. It takes determination to listen to your Heart in the midst of expectations and voices from the past. Love transcends the cultures and traditions of the world, which must always clash. The desire for peace and harmony brings a resolution to conflict.
For a time it may seem as if putting on appearances is a way of gaining something. But in the end the realization dawns that One can only be Who One Is and there is nothing to be ashamed of in Pure Oneness.
True Love transcends cultures, roles, status, skin color, and perceived differences, for Love is everlasting. Contrasts in cultures and values dissolve when True Value and Meaning are finally grasped.

Love and Blessings Overflowing,

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